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NOV 15

Elope in your own town? Why not! It was such a pleasure to be asked to be the wedding celebrant for one of my high school buddies. What a hoot!! What was even more fun was the couple wanted to elope. Now many couples head to some exotic location to elope, but my friends already lived an exotic location. So they eloped right here on the Sunshine Coast!! It was a beautiful, simple and romantic wedding elopement too, with just his son and her daughter as their witnesses. I love performing such personalised weddings, whether large, or small like this one. Eloping is not for everyone, but it suited my friends. This was a very private, very special occasion – just for them and exactly as they wanted it. Of course the groom had some tears, even though, like most of my grooms, he said he wouldn’t!! Unfortunately the weather on the Sunshine Coast in February is not always conducive for a beach wedding, so the ceremony had to be moved inside. Like I always say – have a back-up plan. The wind died down just on sunset so they were able to head down to the beach for some stunning photos over the water which later became a great keepsake. Another keepsake I give all my couples is a copy of their vows. It might seem like a small thing, but on the day there are so many emotions running, they never remember what was said. It’s just a nice little extra touch. Photos courtesy of Jason Cosgrove Photography