Golden Beach Caloundra

This winter has been very busy with small weddings, and who can blame them with bright blue skies and stunning clear ocean and 21 to 23 degrees during the day ! perfect for weddings of all sizes !! This year I have married a number of people who have been together for a very long time 18 to 24 years.

Currimundi Caloundra

This is a location known only to locals ! Perfect for those who do not want the sand beneath their toes. Here you have protection from the south easterly winds with both the ocean and the lake in the background, surrounded by lovely Australian bush with a meandering path that is awesome for photos !

 Moffat November 2012

This weekend was another beach wedding which we made by the skin of our teeth

with just light rain which got heavier as the ceremony ended, so no lingering

around on the sand, just a race to pack up and get into the cars ! So often beach

weddings can be spoilt by the tricky Sunshine Coast weather.

Nothing could spoil the fun of this young family with 3 young boys who were

loving the freedom of the beach.

This is the beauty of having your personal Celebrant who is experienced and

professional and of course flexible and not easily put off with children running


What a View !

Dicky Beach is becoming very popular for brides who love to have a backdrop

apart from just the water. This area has it all, it is called Sir Leslie Wilson Park, the

site of the original Surf Club. It is a lovely grassy area with easy access to the

sand and flat rocks for awesome photo opportunities afterwards, and look at

Moffat Headland in the background.

The wonderful couple chose to have a morning wedding which is very smart as so

often the wind picks up in the afternoon, this morning was just like a picture

postcard ! They wanted just an intimate wedding and the whole group headed off

for  a long leisurely lunch with their loved ones. It was a first marriage for Kris and

Steve , was like so many of my grooms,  very emotional, he needed to reach into

his pocket for that tissue !!

They loved the fact that they could have input into the creation of their ceremony,

as they did not want any fluff as Kris called it. It has been great to run into them

in the area and keep in touch with them.

Kris saw my name on the AG website and recognized my name, we worked

together as young 17 yr old teenagers  in our first jobs at K-Mart, she

remembered even who I married, what a memory !

Such a very nice part of my job being able to support them in creating their

cherished memories ! Thanks guys

 Winter Weddings June

Winter weddings can be just stunning here in Queensland. This weekend the

Maroochy Botanical Gardens were an ideal location for a stunning garden wedding. 

May and  June weddings are becoming very popular here on the Sunshine Coast

as you have more stable weather, usually! plus more choice for suppliers such as

photographers/ reception venues.

Local photographer Jason Cosgrove came along and took some photos for me to

use on my website as it was such great weather!

I just loved how Kelly was walked up the aisle with her Mum they both looked so

beautiful, it was very touching.



Noosa is always very popular for weddings, and when it works well it is lovely.

Best though for smaller weddings,  as parking for your guests for some of the best

locations is quite a large factor to consider.

So often though the wind does seem to just come up, so always plan for it to be

windy when thinking of styles for dresses and hair, as it will be a challenge to get

great photos.

I worked with a lovely photographer on this wedding Kristy from "A Look

Photography" who kindly sent me a few shots from the wedding for my website, I

have worked with her a few times around the Sunshine Coast, she is very lovely.

Hidden Grove Noosa

Winter weddings provide a lovely ambient light in the afternoons and there are lovely spots from Shelly Beach in Caloundra all the way up the coast to Hidden Grove in Noosa. This lovely couple are from Wales and shared a lovely time with their family enjoying our supberb winter days. Having the ceremony mid week allowed for easier parking too !!

 Always Always ! have a wet weather back up plan

Generally I discuss this with all couples when we first meet, most often I can see

that the bride has no intent of being married anywhere else but on the beach,

however they do take on board the suggestion and make the plans just in case, it

surprises me  how often we do need to use them though!

The wedding last weekend was scheduled for Charles Clarke Park at Mooloolaba as

the first choice location was already booked ( this was done many months ahead,

so yes you do need to book ahead, well ahead ! ).

Saturday came around and well, we all know what it was like so the wedding

decorator made the call and off to the wet weather venue they go, only there was 

miss communication with the Restaurant as to the time they were permitted to

access the venue, they were still open and serving lunch. Hats of to the wonderful

management and staff they quickly phoned for extra staff to come in and started

setting up hours earlier as the guest were starting to arrive. Thanks to the staffs

awesome efforts, no one but the decorator and myself were even aware of the

problems and the ceremony went off with out a hitch and flowed straight into  a

beautiful reception  with just divine food I might add.

Butterfly Release

This was  the wedding of the daughter of some close friends of our family,  it was

so sad that she did not get the beach outlook she had wanted, she was very

grateful to me for insisting on planning for the slightest chance of wet weather


The big plus was that the  cooler weather and the inside location made the

butterfly release very easy and successful with some of the butterflies hanging

around into the evening, which if we were outside probably would not have

happened. Quite often I find many have not quite made it for the ceremony with

the heat in Queensland so it can be a risky addition.

Renewal of Wedding Vows

Paul and Jane contacted me from England, they wanted to renew their vows on an

Australian Beach while here on holidays, they were going to do this on Hamilton

Island but the costs were to prohibitive, so the Sunshine Coast Maroochydore

Beach and the lovely Boathouse restaurant at Cotton Tree were the chosen


It was a lovely moment for them, to take a moment to stop and appreciate the

journey they have both been on over the years, and make a public commitment in

front of their close friends,  that they still wanted to continue to share their life


Yes my groom needed that tissue, I always ask them to keep in their pocket, so

lovely to see how touched men can be by the women in their lives, very special.

I love this photo, it does not show what was really happening, it was such a race

to get the photos done before a large storm hit, yet from this shot you would

never know ! two inches to the right and there was a massive line of black storm

clouds rolling in,  driving home through rain and hail was not too much fun though

!! got home before the worst of it hit just !

But that is our Summer weather and yes we certainly did have a wet weather plan

in place !!

© Copyright 2012  Paula Koda
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Australia  Day

We would love to be married on a quiet beach somewhere fairly private was the

request from a lovely young Chinese student groom who was responsible for

organising the whole of the wedding for his Japanese bride. That is easy to find

here on the Sunshine Coast I said, we have so many lovely locations to choose

from. When is your wedding was the first question I asked,  January 26 he said it

is a lucky day in our culture, well my reply caused a very confused look. It is in

our culture too ! It is going to be rather a challenge to find what you are looking

for on Australia Day ! The one day of the year when most people visit the beach.

So after some discussion the small intimate wedding took place on our front deck,

it all went off without a hitch and after photos at sunset at Currimundi the couple

posed for one last photo on the deck with the Mooloolaba lights in the

background, when the fireworks went off, could not have planned it any better if

we had tried ! quiet magical !

Ewan Maddock Dam 2009

Well we made it through, everyone had fingers crossed that the wedding was not

going to be moved to the hospital but baby behaved and stayed put !! The bride

was so excited ! and she did not even have to use the chair that we had on the

ready for her, just in case !

The ceremony was held along the boardwalk at the lovely Ewan Maddock Dam,

they wanted to have the ceremony close to where they lived,  so that their family

and friends could see the beautiful area they lived in.


I just love when people recommend you ! Trudee and Luke were married at Noosa,

the weather gods were with us even though it only stopped raining that morning,

the days leading up to it we did not think we had a chance to have an outdoor

wedding, there was even localized flooding around on the day of rehearsal !

It was a very relaxed wedding with some of the elite Australian swimmers there to

cheer them on.

Noosaville Wedding

Well again we were on weather watch, luckily it was a very small intimate wedding

and as everyone was there early, the bridal party got themselves ready early and

we bought the wedding forward by 45 minutes as there was an early summer

storm predicted to hit right  when the ceremony was due to start.

We made it, with time for photos and the group got away on the ferry and just

made it into Noosa for their reception when it all hit !! Now that is one big benefit

of having your own personal celebrant.

This couple had come out from England and were living in Brisbane, so all the

planning was done via email. They were thrilled at the freedom we have here to

be able to have your ceremony anywhere you wanted at any time you choose.

They hired a few lovely units in Noosaville with the group checking in the day

before and all stayed the night of the wedding as well.

Have to agree with them, there are just so many varied options for couples and

families today to celebrate special events such as weddings, or anniversary

celebrations or commitment ceremonies.