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Paula Koda
Creating Cherished Ceremonies  Covering the Sunshine Coast and Surrounds
What should it cost to have a Celebrant conduct your wedding ceremony? Well if you are faced with a tight budget like many couples are today, and you only want the legal’s done, then I would suggest that you get married in the local registry office as the fee is between $290 and $360. Between the set hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm, However, if you like the idea of choosing your venue eg; the beach, park, family home and your own time of the day such as sunset or sunrise, plus the day of the week maybe a Sunday,  than the court house registry office option is not one you would  consider. Should you want to have more than 60 at your wedding, the registry office cannot accommodate that many people as they have a limit of 24. When you choose to have your own Celebrant,you choose,  location  day of the week and the time number of guests the wording of your ceremony So in the scheme of your day what is it worth to you to have  your  own personal  Celebrant? A Civil Marriage Celebrant can offer you these options, however they are a small business and so will not be the same price or less than the price at a Registry Office, if they are, then ask a few questions. Choosing to pay a that bit extra and have your personal Celebrant perform the type of wedding ceremony you desire, allows you to have members of your family and friends  involved in your ceremony if you wish, and you are able to include  some sub rituals as well, such as a unity, sand or rose ceremony. Do you have something special you want included in the ceremony?  A Celebrant will be able to provide you with Ideas and suggestions. Not simply choose from a choice of a few stock standard ceremonies. Thinking of a romantic sunset  or sunrise wedding, well a Civil Celebrant  will be  available outside of normal business hours so Friday or Sunday  evenings are no problem, not so with the Court House registry wedding. Choosing to have your own Celebrant although more expensive than the registry office, allows you to choose not only your location, but what time you have your wedding, and we all know that this can change ½ hour to hour either later or earlier as planning moves along, at the registry office, you  will not have that level of flexibility, and certainly not on the day. How do you tell everyone, sorry we have to come back or wait around till the other party is done first?? Or,  worse still, be rushed out of the room as there is another wedding  due to start !  A professional  Celebrant will always have enough time  in between any appointments she/he has on the day, but  they  are only able to do a limited number of weddings a day and so they can only earn so much in one day, as we all know everyone loves a 3pm Saturday wedding. When hiring your own celebrant they themselves have to wear the bare minimum of the following expenses, whereas at the registry office the Government picks up the tab.   Car:  Insurance, petrol, maintenance, registration.   Office supplies: eg printer, computer, mobile phone, paper, resource books, stationary.   Professional Development: Government required yearly ongoing training, professional association fees. Government fees   Signing Table, chairs (Some valued this over $60 to hire from professional wedding decorators)   Portable Pa System. ( Some value this over $60 and a myriad of other services that Celebrants offer)   Public Liability Insurance, Copyright Insurance, Website development and updating, advertising.   Plus of course the cost of appropriate professional clothing for weddings. Please remember that a Civil Celebrant is a professional, they are an independent small business,  who must comply with Federal Government yearly registration and compliance regulations. They will support you in creating an atmosphere for the most special day in most peoples’ lives, something that should be included in the wedding budget planning process and not shopped around for based solely on price.
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